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Fine tune the position of multiple guide system by handle.




Strong cast iron foundation




Optional : 10.4inch Touch Sensing Screen
  • Easily operation and change the value. An warning window display enables the operator to speed up trouble shooting.


  • In addition, monitor servo motor operation.




Automatic Lubricator
  • The automatic lubricator provides lubrication to saw frame, ensuring smooth motions at all times.


  • In case of lack of oil, the machine stops automatically.
Centralized Pressure Regulations
  • Each pressure roller is equipped with an independent pressure regulator for individual air pressure adjustment.


  • All pressure regulation values are centralized for convenient adjustment and maintenance.




▲ This machine allows for cutting moisturized wood materials. Height of cutting may reach 200 / 250 / 320 / 400mm

▲ Saw path loss 1.2~1.4mm for reducing wood material loss while increasing profit.

▲ Maximum feed speed up to 2.0M per minute!

▲ Saw frame speed up to 450~520 times per minute!

▲ The machine is equipped with a 7.5” colorful touch-sensing screen.

▲ The machine equipped with two sets of digital controller. Also, available to equip with 5.7” Mitsubishi colorful touch-sensing screen.

▲ Suitable for multiple slicing at a time.

▲ High profitable! The servo motor drive provides high positioning accuracy while the wood material input.


Suitable for production of composite parquet, venetian blind, air-tight window, pencil, door and guitar, etc.


Heavy Duty Thin Cutting Frame Saw (Luxury) MAC-150 / MAC-200





Saw Frame Slideways With Copper Piece

The dovetailed slideways are fitted with copper piece, and precision scraped to upgrade motion smoothness and ensure outstanding wear-resistance.





Stellite and Tungsten saw blades for option.



Temperature controller

Attached 4 units of temperature detected controller for monitoring the slideway of machine.

Independently Mounted Electrical Cabinet
  • The electrical cabinet may prevents dusts or wood chips from entering to achieve dust-free performance.
  • It provides a centralized control making more convenient service for the electrical technician.




Pressure Roller Elevation Control

Front and behind of machine adopted digital displayer controls the cutting height while key in the default value on the controller, pressure roller will move to the position that you expect to achieve.



Lighting Device

A work light is mounted at the outfeed port, making it convenient for checking wood outfeed condition.

Cooling blower

Vertical 90° to cooling the saw blades that prevent the saw blade from heat growth and wood chips are evacuated easily.

Optional: 7.5inch touch displayer
Control pressure roller elevation




Servo Motor Controlled Wood Feed
  • The wood feed and saw frame vertical oscillation in combination with30° of the saw frame movement effortless and oscillation smooth. In addition, wood chips are evacuated with ease, leading to longer blade life.
  • Flywheel rotates a circle with 360°, while it rotates downward180°, the machine input material. In contrary, it rotates upward 180°, the saw blade left wood material 0.1~0.7mm and stop input material.
  • In order to optimize cutting effect, wood feeds only while the saw blade is moving downward. Wood feed stops when the saw blade moves upward. Blower is cooling the saw blades to prevent from the heat while its operation and increase the service life of saw blade.
  • The servo motor drive provides high positioning accuracy when the saw frame moves up/down.







Side Guide Fence
  • When the guide fence is positioned at side, the machine can feed one workpiece for cutting.


  • Side and Center Guide Fence.


  • When the guides fence is positioned at side, the wood feed through the air controlled pressure roller and moves along the surface of side fence.


  • Wood width 160-210mm


  • Wood height 60~400mm





Set up jig (Optional)


Moving the gauge to measure

the parallel of saw blades.




Press roller is controlling by 3sets of cylinder

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