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Yow Cherng DOM-3 CNC Multi-Spindle Slot Milling machine is ideal for high speed slot milling on straight and curved wood. This machine is designed with 3 spindles, allowing for machining 3 pieces of wood simultaneously. Equipped with an advanced CNC controller, the machine makes slot milling operations more flexible and easy.

  • Suitable for high speed slot milling for kitchen cabinet frames, chair legs and chair legs, etc.
  • Applicable for straight and curved wood.
  • 3 spindles are simultaneously controlled. Each spindle is controlled through frequency inverter.
  • Powerful CNC controller permits slot milling to be performed with ease and helps to dramatically increase throughput.
  • X,Y,Z-axis movements are driven by servo motors with high speed and high positioning accuracy.
  • X,Y,Z-axis are transmitted through ball screws.
  • X,Y,Z-axis slideways and clamping mechanism slideways are fitted with linear motion guides.
  • With the changeable spindle design, no secondary machining is required. Two slot widths can be machined at a time. This not only dramatically shortens workpiece handling time by the operator, but also upgrading working efficiency and market competitiveness (optional)

Model DOM-3 DOM-3D
Cutting capacity
Maximum workpiece size 1200 x 85 x 100mm 1200 x 85 x 100mm
Number of spindle 3 spindle 6 spindle
Max. mortise width 85 mm 85 mm
Max. mortise depth 40 mm 40 mm
Drilling depth 100 mm 100 mm
Spindle speed 16000 R.P.M. 16000 R.P.M.
Spindle motor 3 HP x 3 3 HP x 6
X-axis 1.5 kw x1 1.5 kw x1
Y-axis 1 kw x1 1 kw x1
Z-axis 1 kw x1 1 kw x1
Total horsepower 10.25 kw (13.7 HP) 17 kw (22.7 HP)
Working air pressure 6 kg/cm² 6 kg/cm²

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