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F15 Thin Cutting Frame Saw




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Designed For Profitable Production

  • The F15 Thin-Cutting Frame Saw from Mick & Jack is designed and engineered to enhance the high efficiency and high accuracy cutting. In addition to provide various cutting modes, the F15 also features great material-cost saving that creats profits for customer. The machine is equipped with a micro-computer control for maximum operational convenience.

Various Sawblades For Choice

  • Upon request, the machine can be supplied with steel welded sawblade or T.C.T. sawblade for choice.
  • The customer may choose various sawblade thickness from 0.9 to 1.4 mm to suit various wood materials.




Sawblade Air Blast

The air blast device provides cooling to the sawblades for extending blades service life. In addition, the device also can remove saw dust existed in blade teeth ensuring high quality cutting at all times. Stable Cutting : The wood to be cut is supported steadily, ensuring high stability of cutting.


Centralized Pressure Regulations

Each pressure roller is equipped with independent pressure regulator for individual air pressure adjustment. All pressure regulation valves are centralized for convenient adjustment and maintenance.


Micro-computer Control

The machine is equipped with a PLC control for maximum operation convenience. Electronic components and circuit design fully meet CE safety regulations. Comprehensive anti-interference protection devices. Self-diagnostic functions and warning lamp displays.


Multiple Guide Fence

Upon request, the machine is available to supply with several guide fences. Fence sizes can be specified by customer. The use of multiple guide fence enables the machine to cut several wood materials at a time.


Guide Fence At Center Position

In case the guide fence is mounted at the center position, the machine allows for cutting two wood materials at a time for increasing efficiency.


Guide Fence At Side

In case the guide fence is mounted at the side, the machine allows for cutting a single wood material.


Fine Surface


Extremely fine surface effect after cutting which permits direct glue jointing for saving 0.15mm sanding tolerance.

Accurate Thickness Of Cut


High accuracy thickness of cut is ±0.1mm. No gapping problem on the cut surface.

Reduced wood material Loss


Wood cutting performed by the frame saw may reduce material loss to a minimum for saving production cost.

Saving Cost


The frame saw reduces material loss to a minimum. It saves 20% wood material when comparing with that by a conventional machining method.

Rigid Saw Frame


The saw frame is a rigid construction, assuring extremely fine surface effect of cutting and high thickness accuracy of cutting.

​*Choice of various saw frames


All specifications, dimensions, and design characteristics shown in this catalog are subject to change without previous notice.


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