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Superior Quality Maximum Dependability of Performance

  • Exclusively designed lubricator provides excellent lubrication performance.
  • Tne link chain features no gap running for added safety protection.
  • Eccentric adjustment of spindle.
  • Brigand small wood pressure plates allows for extremely cutting on short or thick workpieces.
  • 3 rows anti-kickback fingers at infeed end.
  • Powered elevation of pressure me chanism is optional.
  • Wide range of variable feed speed from 6.7 to 35 m/min.
  • Ruggedly constructed throughout for maximum stability of operation.
  • Precision saw arbor gives accurate and smooth cut.
  • Powerful 40HP saw motor.




Automatic Power Off

When any guard cover is opened,the power shut off automatically for safety protection.


Exclusive Lubricator (Patented)

The lubricator delivers oil to link chains. Specially designed lubricator allows lubricant flow synchronizely with chain feed speed to ensure superior lubrication effect.


Comprehensive Anti-Kickback Fingers

The machine is Equipped with 3 rows of snit-kickback fingers at the infeed end, combined with side guard, providing comoprehensile safety protection for the operator during operation.


Efficient Spindle Adjustment

Specially designed eccentric adjustment of spindle . Quiet running of spindle with vibration free performance. The chips are effectively isolated to eliminate fire due to high temperature arised from long time running of motor.


Big Pressure Plate

The specially designed big wood pressure plate holds workpiece firmly for maximum cutting stability. the big pressure plate is especially ideal for cutting short workpieces.


Newly Designed Link Chain


  • The special link chain features no-gap running preventing the danger of hand clamping or chips from falling into the machine.
  • The link chain is manufactured from durable cast iron, providing high breaking strength over 24000kgs.
  • The feed rail is manufactured from alloy steel, hardened to over HRC 50˚ for maximum durability and wear resistance.

Resaw Conveyor (Optional)


  • Linear guide way allows for effortless and smooth smovement of wood in R & L direction. It provides effortless operation especially for heavy wood.
  • Air operated fence lock provides fast and firm locking.

Small Pressure Plate


The small wood pressure plate is applied when cutting thick workpieces. The big and the small pressure plate is easy to change.

Variable Feed Speed


The wide range of variable feed speed from 6.7 to 35 meters per minute makes this machine ideal for cutting all types of wood material. Front mounted speed regulation wheel provides operation convenience.

Laser Unit (Optional)


By using the laser for indicating saw path, wood can be fast and accurately moved for resawing operation.

Extended Fence


The fence is extended to the center of sawblade for upgrading straightness accuracy of cutting.


All specifications, dimensions, and design characteristics shown in this catalog are subject to change without previous notice.


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M12(with Resaw Conveyor)


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