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  • A fully automatic band resaw system designed for maximizing yield and lumber sawing efficiency.
  • Boards may exit either end at any time.
  • Dual main frame construction ensures a very rigid and stable frame.
  • PLC control combined with a touch screen makes this machine very esay to operate.
  • Powerful 30HP saw head motor for ease of cutting through large cants.
  • Saw head capacity is 14” x 14”.
  • Accurate blade tension is maintained by a hydraulic cylinder.
  • Saw head is raised and lowered by an actuator driven by a three HP electric motor.
  • All the rolls on the run around system are driven by 3 hydraulic motors.
Max. cant size 14” x 14” x 16’ in length
Length of convey or table 7 feet
Conveyor belt width 16 inches
Saw wheel diameter 28”
Variable feed speed 0-75 feet per min.
Saw blade dimension 15’ long 1 1/2 or 2” width
Saw head motor 30HP
Saw head set works 3HP electric screw type actuator
Hydraulic unit 7 1/2 HP
Dust collection outlet 4 inch dimeter
Net weight – dimensions 10,000 lbs, 39 feet long, 10 feet wide

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