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Model VeneerSolid
Veneer Strip Thickness (depending on veneer condition) approx. 0.35 ~ 1.5 mm (Please contact us for splicing veneers with thickness of above 1.5 mm)
Veneer Strip Length min. 200 mm
Veneer Strip Width min. 45 mm
Production Speed up to 30 m/min.
Electric Power approx. 4 kw
Compressed Air 5 bar
Heating Temperature 100 ~ 220 °C
Heating Zone 800 mm
Dimensions  (L x W x H) 1500 x 1480 x 1470 mm
Net Weight approx. 950 kg
Color RAL 7043 / RAL 9016

* Technical data is not binding and can be modified without prior notice.

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