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Thanks to our partner, SAVI Industri A/S from Denmark – the top market share in U.S.A and UK for veneer guillotines, INNOVATOR’s Machinery is now able to manufacture veneer guillotines with original technology and know-how. The series are constructed with a view to the highest security of the operator without causing inconvenience to the working. All INNOVATOR’s guillotines are completely hydraulic on both knife and pack beam. The pressure of both knife and pack beam is adjustable. Various materials including veneers, paper, plastics and so on can be cut with the series. Coupled with INNOVATOR’s Double Sided Veneer Glue Applicator (GlueMate 700) & Crossfeed Veneer Splicer (UltiMate series), the perfect gluing and jointing result is accomplished with high production efficiency.


  • green cutting indicator
  • 150 mm wide pack beam
  • with European safety standards
  • rigid welded machine body for stable movement
  • safety light barrier of knife and pack beam in front
  • magnetic scale for accurate linear position measurement of the fence
  • adjustable pressure with hydraulic knife and pack beam for all kinds of veneers
  • “safety locker” at the front end of the knife beam (unique and only in INNOVATOR’s guillotines)
  • two-hand operation of the knife and pack beam:no movement of the pack beam against the veneer pack immediately when one push button is released

Recommended Option(s)

  • angle gauge for veneer bevel cutting, widely used in parquetry
  • SECOND-CUT Technology for thick or especially hard species of veneers cutting available – By switching knife beam to second-cut mode, a thin clip of approx. 1 mm is cut off from the veneer pack after the first trim. This unique feature which can only be found in all INNOVATOR’s guillotines is necessary when working with thick or especially hard species of veneers.



HIỆU: INNOVATOR – – Xuất xứ Đài Loan


Chiều dài gia công: 2,800mm

Chiều cao gia công: 120mm

Nguồn điện: ~7.5kw

Chiều rộng gia công: 25~650mm

Kích thước máy: 5000*1750*1850mm

Khối lượng máy : ~4800kg

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