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CAPACITY: Sharpens blade width range 1/2″-8″.

AUTOMATIC OPERATION: This machine performs automatic sharpening operations for a band sawblade.

GRINDING HEAD: May be titled 20°-35°, suited for various tooth angle. The grinding head may be lowering adjusted to vompensate for wheel diameter reduction result from wear consumption, that saves your grinding wheel cost greatly.

ACCURATE SAW PITCH ADJUSTMENT: The saw pitch adjustment is controlled by shifting the dovetailed positioning slide, it gives accurate saw pitch adjustment.


The blade feed is actuated with a precision machined cam, that ensure accurate and smooth feeding of the blade.

Blade bracked (4 pieces) are supplied as standard accessory.


Range of blade width 12.7-203.2mm
Grinding wheel size Ø254mm x 19mm bore x 12.7mm thick
Grinding wheel speed 2500 RPM
Grinding angle 20°-35°
Range of saw pitch 22-44mm
Feed speed 40 teeth/min
Motor 1 HP
Net/Gross weight 195/245 kgs
Packing dimensions (L x W x H) 915 x 635 x 915mm

* All specifications, dimensions, and design characteristics shown in this catalogue are subject to change without notice.

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